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Emiramona Garden Hotel, a nature-inspired hotel is undertaking the following actions to responsibly lessen its impact on the environment whenever it sensibly can; factoring the environment in its everyday decision making at management meetings and selecting suppliers who comply with environmental legislations and who share the same policy in protecting the environment.

We, at Emiramona Garden Hotel strive to raise awareness and encourage both our guests and staff to carry out more sustainable practices.  through seminars & trainings conducted by the management and the city to meet our environmental objectives.

*Our practices include:

Operating a “SWITCH OFF” Policy for office staff to turn off computer equipment and printers when not in use

Use of appliances like LED monitors and fridges that are energy efficient & low energy light bulbs in all areas

Reducing our usage of paper by printing double sided

Minimizing use of paper for brochure printing by sizing down printed material

Installation of water saving devices in toilets such as the dual flusher

Monitoring our energy consumption of electricity, water and gas to highlight potential and achieved reductions in energy consumed

Recycling paper, newspapers, glass, construction debris, broken furniture, electric appliance

Reducing the amount of packaging that we handle each year and increase the percentage of packaging that is recyclable

Using more organic produce, seasonal vegetables and local produce and buying in bulk which also prevents double packaging

Send as much kitchen waste such as waste fats for environmentally friendly re-cycling

Reducing our usage of ecologically harmful cleaning chemicals and replacing them with eco-friendly products wherever possible

Promoting the environmental agenda to employees, visitors and guests and ensure that all new staff are given an environmental inductions in our aims and objectives

Continuously reviewing our policy to improve environmental impact

And in our effort to engage our customers to help protect the environment, our program  “Emiramona Conserving For Tomorrow”  covers:

*Requesting our guests:

  • To turn off lights and all other appliances when leaving the room
  • To limit the use of air-conditioning when a window or door is open
  • To follow the hotel policy in segregation of waste into 3 categories: compost garbage, recyclable garbage, & non-recyclable garbage
  • To follow towel and linen policy: towels are only replaced after the 2nd night and linen when only necessary

*We are working on projects to:

Get involved in local, national & international community projects, such as WWF.

Assist our guests in finding healthy and green activities during their stay at our hotel.

Achieve external recognition of our environmental credentials.